Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you play with me? Is it possible to let you play on my account and get me wins?

    We have many options, from personal training, to intentionally going for the win, as well as us logging in and completing your challenges, or going for high amounts of kills! We can play WITH YOU or FOR YOU and complete your desired tasks, no hassle for you whatsoever! Our professional Fortnite players are also excited to play alongside you and help you become better! You’re ensured to have the best possible experience either way, our players are all very friendly and kind!

  • After I purchase, what happens next?

    After you purchase, please send us an email to If you are playing with us, we will get back to you very shortly if within our business hours to dominate the battlefield alongside you! If you have purchased a Win/KDR/BattlePass Challenge account log in service, we will need your log in info for your platform PS4/PC/XB1 sent to and a screenshot of your PayPal receipt to expedite your order! We reply instantly during our business hours once an order is received!

  • What are Add-Ons and how do they benefit me?

    Our Add-Ons give players an opportunity to further enhance their experience with Pro Fortnite Training! Each Add-On has specific benefits, including “VIP” which we run your order INSTANTLY after received, that includes playing alongside you! We also have the “Ultra-Stats” add-on which guarantees at least one 10 kill game with screenshot if we are logging into your account. Last but not least the “Best Player” add-on, our top player (one of the highest ranking in the world, and we’d say most friendly too!) will either play alongside you, or for you! Your choice!